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Then contact us via phone or email. Visit our website for more details. our contact is 0405219668 or  

Can you repair my blinds?

We can only look at repairing blinds which are ours. That is, we do not repair blinds made or sold by any other company.
Also, we do not repair blinds more than 7 years old.
Even in these cases, it is often a more cost-effective option to get new blinds. You may bring the blinds into your nearest showroom, or we can come out to visit you.

Where is your warehouse

Our warehouse is located in Greenacre where you can find it on ‘Contact us” column.

How do I measure my blinds?

Everything we make is made to measure to the millimetre so it is difficult to give you a “square metre rate” or “piece rate”. The main determinants of price are fabric and textile finishes and these are grouped from lowest to highest, so a “group 1″ material will be the cheapest. Our design consultant can give you an exact costing in your home or you can get an approximation at our showrooms. You can follow our measurement column instruction.

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