Blinds and shutters in Sydney are the two most essential window treatments. Both are good in their ways, and it will depend on the user what they prefer. Are you looking for one of these? If yes, then hold on as we have got new tips and tricks. Read till the end, and you will have all the information you require.

What about blinds?

First, let’s take the case of blinds. Let us go through a brief history of blinds. Blinds were first to be used in China, Egypt, and Persia. Blinds on are nothing new, and it is in use for ages. Often people have used on windows to protect themselves from the Sun. The Sun has always been harsh, and humans have always looked to protect themselves from harsh sun rays. This is a standard function for both Blinds and shutters in Sydney.

It started as Egyptian people using wet clothes strip to prevent the dirt and Sun from coming in. Later on, forms of blinds advanced were used. Egyptians were first to use Venetian Blinds, while bamboo blinds were first used in China.

When we talk about Europe, the custom of blind started in the 18th century.

It is interesting to note that Venetian Blinds were not first used in Europe, but they did come from somewhere near Venice. After the 18th century, we see that the use of Blinds in Europe spread over France and England.Blinds and shutters in Sydney today have spread throughout the world.

Later we see that an Englishman named John Webster started to sell wooden Blinds in Philadelphia.

Hence we can see the entire trajectory of the emergence of blinds.

Later on in 1940, after the world war, we see that a guy call Hunter Douglas started selling aluminum window blinds. After that, blinds grow throughout North America, and then it also reaches Australia. There are many kinds of blinds present today. You could be going for Sheer Blinds in Sydney or go for Roman Blinds or Venetian Blinds. For more blinds options, you may also choose to talk to experts at D’Azur shutters. Best of Blinds and shutters in Sydney are here.

Small history about Shutters 

I am sure that was an exciting thing to know.

Let us move forward and see a brief history of shutters.

Shutters also have a long history like blinds. When shutters where invented, it was meant only for the inside of the house. With time shutters also started to get installed on the outside. Today you have both options. In the 15th and 16th centuries in England, shutters wherein extensive use. Shutters were used in palaces of kings, queens, and dukes. The very first shutters are very made up of hard wooden boards. But the difference is in those times shutters were different in design. This is because in the initial day’s shutters were supposed to cover the lower parts of windows. Today shutters are of many types, and we see that shutters are covering the entire window. So now you know the history behind the Blinds and shutters in Sydney.

Only the upper part was opened because light and air would enter. But now it is quite flexible, and you may choose to have shutters in whatever way you want. You can have shutters that are ahead in technology than the traditional ones. However, many people prefer traditional shutters over modern once.

So, what do you choose? Do you like modern ones with contemporary designs or traditional ones that have a nostalgic and gothic feel?

Whatever you choose, make sure that you choose from the right sellers, and also the shutters are also built up of the right materials to give you a long-lasting window treatment.Blinds and shutters in Sydney are dynamic and ever-changing with new technologies and innovations.

As the design for shutters developed, we see that glasses were used as window panes. In the late Victorian Era, when houses had thinner walls, people started to install shutters on the outside. If you remember shutters very initially placed only in the inside of the house.

Time passed, but shutters continued to be helpful. Apart from its practical importance, shutters were also used for decorative purposes. Needless to say that shutters look beautiful on windows. It gives a traditional/contemporary look on windows that people have loved for ages. If you get shutters on your house, you are sure to get compliments from all your friends and families. Blinds and shutters in Sydney both are a great way of making houses look great.

As industrialization happened, shutters went through many more innovations. There were horizontal slats that were louvered. These could be deflected to protect the house from rain. Also, it helps in adjusting to the sunlight. It became a good source of having privacy and ventilation both at the same time.

In the early years of Australia, the free settlers used shutters in place of windows. Over the period, we see that European style and Asian styles of shutters coming in.

There are different kinds of shutters, and the most common one bought today is Plantation Shutters. So, which of the Blinds and shutters in Sydney are you thinking of getting for yourself?